Today I Stole From the Concession Cart

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Bertucci’s is a fun franchised Italian restaurant with their specialty oven baked pizzas, classy look, and jazzy atmosphere. (Yeah, they play The Rat Pack and that makes me oh-so-happppy! =] )

Start off with bread, of course.

Entrees: Rigatoni, Broccoli and Chicken (creamy, perfect blend of flavors); Tuscan Vegetable Torta with Chicken (different and something to try at home); Chicken Parm (not so great); and White pizza with Artichoke Heart, Onions and Sausage (thin crust! and delicious!).

We all shared a New York Style cheesecake for dessert.

What a fun family lunch!!

P.S. Sorry for bad photos. The lighting is great for a restaurant atmosphere but really bad for the Sony and its evil flash. Now my Nikon has a photo scoop so bad lighting, beware!!

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